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How Spider Veins Are Removed From Skin The effects of spider veins aren’t just physical, they are also mental. For those who don’t know what spider veins are all about, then it’s good to know that it’s a type of disease where some type of veins show themselves on a persons skin in a few parts of the body. Spider veins start being visible on the skin when tinny capillaries become visible on the skin in some parts of the human body. Such tiny capillaries usually become visible in either blue or red squiggly lines that are not attractive. The most common areas where spider veins affects a person the most include the ankles, calves and the thighs. These type of veins affect lots of women around the world. Recent statistics show that spider veins affects up to a third of the female population. Because this veins are unsightly, they cause women a lot of stress. It’s best you know that this condition can actually be remedied if you are one of those people suffering from it. A few treatment options can effectively treat spider veins. However, it’s only the doctor who can decide the best treatment for you after assessing your symptoms. Genes are the main cause of spider veins according to various medical studies undertaken. The meaning of this is that you could have gotten the condition from your relatives. Spider veins could however be as result of other causes. Gaining weight, standing for a long period, or hormones are the other known causes of spider veins. You find out the cause of your condition the moment you speak to your doctor. It is only through testing will you be able to find out what is causing your condition. It does not matter what is causing your spider veins, the condition can be remedied using treatment. As such you should not stress so much if you are struggling with the condition. A few treatment for eliminating spider veins exist.
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The first treatment the doctor will likely recommend is called sclerotherapy. This type of remedy is appropriate if the sign are not too visible. The doctor will however have to consider more that the size of veins when prescribing this treatment, he or she must also asses the location of the veins. Also if you are suffering from other conditions then this treatment option might be less effective.
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The sclerotherapy procedure involves an injection of liquid into the veins causing them to collapse. After a while the veins disappear completely from the skin. Some patients however need several sclerotherapy sessions before the symptoms can be eliminated. Spider veins can also be treated using laser therapy. Laser basically involves directing a beam of light onto the veins. This type of light cuts off blood supply from the vein causing them to die naturally. Over time, the veins start to clear from the skin.