Useful Health Tips For Women

New research have uncovered that women have to workout differently from men in order to witness maximum dieting results. Without the best weight loss program to balance weight loss compared to body fat ratio, losing body fat can be difficult.

If you too are struggling to get in shape, the following dieting tips can aid you to achieve your lose weight:

1. Men and women burn and accumulate fat differently as men contain more testosterone. With such large levels of testosterone this allows men to provide more human growth hormones that encourage heightened muscle growth, fat loss and bone growth.

And with extra oxygen entering into their cells, when a woman is working at 70 percent of their physical abilities, men are only using up to 50%.

2. Your fat cells are 5 times bigger than a man’s.

3. Your height can influence your weight loss plan, particularly if you are short. Small women find it more difficult to burn fat than taller women as they have got a smaller calorie need. Unable to produce a large enough calorie deficit when slimming, getting in shape can be more complicated if you are petite.

4. Make sure you monitor ingredient labels. Product owners can be very deceptive with the ingredient information that they offer. When examining a food label it is pivotal to remember that:

– Numerous fat-free dishes are high in sugar and calories
– If the packaging reads ‘no trans fats’, it probably is still be high in saturated fat (health)
– Most low-carb dishes are high in fat
– Dishes may say that they are sugar-free but they are traditionally high in fat

5. Don’t rely on your scales. If you are working out often, the fat you burn will be harnessed into muscle. So even if the scales are not altering, it doesn’t mean that you are not improving your weight loss. Creating more muscle will not only help to increase your metabolic rate, but can help you to become more toned, happier and keep the fat off.

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