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Addiction to Alcoholism In many countries the world over, consumption of alcohol is legal. Rules and regulations have however been installed in a bid to enforce responsible drinking. First of all, it is illegal for under age persons to consume alcohol in all countries in the world. Alcohol is only for consumption by people above the age of eighteen in very many countries worldwide. Responsible consumption of alcohol is achieved by governments enforcing such directives. They understand that irresponsible consumption can lead to bad vices including addiction. Evidence provided by history and science over many years proves that alcoholism is not an ailment. In fact, the existence of the disease of alcoholism remains speculation purely. This explains why the practice of denying users and abusers alcohol in many parts of the world among them the United States threatens their health..
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Time has proven that using the concept of alcoholism as a disease to fight the ‘vice’ of excessive drinking continues to damage users and abusers more than thought of earlier. Initially, it was thought that selling the disease concept would have helped many patients to internalize the seriousness of problems underlying alcoholism. The method does not work and continues to fail. On the contrary, the idea backfired.
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Definitively, turmeric is the major zest in curry. Furthermore, they hold that turmeric has the potential to reverse diseases in the human body. Most experts have delved into analyzing its benefits in the process writing more than 6,000 peered reviewed articles on the same. Most authors and reviewers of these journals consider turmeric an anti-platelet. Some others refer to it as an anticoagulant in their articles. Medically, it slows down and prevents blood clotting when working as an anti-platelet. Users have not shown any side effects so far when using it as an anticoagulant. They only appear when used in excess amounts. There is also an agreement that it is an effective anti-depressant. It deals effectively with symptoms relating to depression. Turmeric helps in the management of arthritis in addition to being significant in the treatment of cancer. The question of the diet used by women when they are pregnant remains a common area of concern. This matter is also debated when discussing the effects of alcohol. The input of a woman’s favorite food and drink is central to her adjustment to life during the pregnancy period. Most women are advised to avoid alcohol during pregnancy On the other hand, complications and risks said to be associated with drinking alcohol during pregnancy do not show the said association during occasional drinking. This is because experts have not proven the value of any amount of alcohol to a pregnant woman. Therefore, pregnant women should even avoid casual drinking. The main reason associated with the universally accepted stance is the occurrence of fetal alcohol syndrome. It is prevalent when a pregnant woman indulges in uncontrolled drinking.