Natural Health Writing

Today, with more and more people taking a keen interest in natural health and natural remedies, the time has come for natural health writing to also come of age. Time was when looking for alternative therapies and simple natural health tips would probably mean going through tomes of very stuffy boring books and trying to sift out the nuggets that made sense to you. Cut to today when the Internet is full of so many natural health sites. Suddenly, health, such an important topic is being dealt with not with a sober demeanor but with simplicity, with sensibility and even with a touch of humor.

Does this mean that all natural health writing is gospel? Far from it. What I mean to deal with here is to look at how the style of writing has changed to fit in with today’s world. The content I do not presume to comment upon. There was a very clear divide in how medical problems were addressed in days gone by. Doctors spoke in a language different from the rest of the world, a language filled with jargon, which only another doctor or a pharmacist would understand. The Internet seems to have ripped that veil asunder and everyone, but everyone who has anything to do with health seems to be on the bandwagon of getting down to the grassroots level to be understood.

It probably started with the interest in natural health. From the kitchen shelf, to a little more knowledge about herbs and spices. Those sites on the Internet have changed the way not just how natural health writing is done, but how health writing as a whole is looked at. With so little time and so much to do, if you are obtuse, you get left out. So natural health writing, as well as most health writing on the Internet seems to be coming of age and coming down to the common man’s level.