My Corte Madera Chiropractor Helped Me Get Rid of Back Pain to Reach My Goal Weight

I was so proud of myself for losing a little over 100 pounds. Then another year of sedentary winter work set in and I started to put on a pound here and there. I was bored, and I started eating things I had cut out of my diet. I was being careful, but I put 35 pounds back on. Then my back started to hurt. My lower back hurt so bad it was painful walking up the stairs. That made me more sedentary. At the prompting of my wife, I went to see a Corte Madera chiropractor to see if I could get my back feeling better to hopefully at least start golfing again.

The weather was nice for golfing, but I did not even want to go out on the links using a cart because my back hurt so bad at times. It was really stiff in the morning, and it got to feeling better a little bit as I moved about. My medical doctor was concerned I had arthritis, but imaging and blood tests did not show anything. It was just the sedentary living and the extra 35 pounds I put back on. However, getting motivated to drop the pounds to improve my back was not there because my back hurt so much I did not want to exercise.

The Corte Madera chiropractor got me out of my sedentary loop made worse by back pain by doing adjustments that relieved the pain. I felt so good after my first adjustment that I went for a long walk with my wife in the evening. It hurt the next day, so I went in for another adjustment. That night I went for a ride with my wife on our bicycles that we had not been on in a long time. I had to actually add air to the tires before I could use my bike. It sat so long the air went out of the tires. Over time I needed fewer adjustments and lost more than 35 pounds to get to my goal weight for the first time in my life.