I Was Always Tired and Sore

If someone would have asked me a few months ago when I started to feel so bad, I would not have an answer because it happened so gradually. It was not like I was healthy as a horse one day and weak as a 100 year old man the next. It happened so slowly that I didn’t even realize how bad it was getting. Now, if someone were to ask me when I started making a comeback, I would definitely have an answer. It all started with a visit to the chiropractor in San Rafael.

My doctor is the one who told me I should see a chiropractor. He knew that I was tired and having a hard time just getting through the days, but all of my labs were coming back just fine. He could not find a problem with me, so he suggested seeing someone who has a more holistic approach to medical issues. He even referred me to the same one that he sees a few times a year, because he knows I am quite particular about who I want involved in my medical care. He made a good call though. Actually, it was a great call, and it is one that has changed my life.

The doctor gave me an examination so he could determine exactly where the problems were. It was not just that I was tired, but I was always lacking energy too. Everything took effort, and it was just bothersome. He explained to me about spinal alignment and adjustments, and he wanted to start that same day. I was for it because it seemed harmless and could potentially be beneficial. Well, that was an understatement, because those adjustments changed me. That was several months ago, and I feel like my old self again. The healthy and happy one though, not the tired and sore one!