I Never Thought My BAck Pain Would Let Me Work Until I Could Retire

When I heard that the government was thinking about raising the retirement age to 72, I kind of just threw up my hands thinking I would never be able to work that long. I am only 53 with a minimum of nine years to go before I can even think of retiring. The problem for me is back pain. I go to work every day in a lot of pain. I take ibuprofen every day just to get through the work days. Well, I used to. Not any more, because a chiropractor in Petaluma has changed how my back feels now.

I no longer have the chronic pain. I never even knew it had a label. My back started hurting a few years ago. I had put on about 10 pounds over about three years, and I lost some muscle mass. I had changed to an easier job, but it still required physical labor. It was just that part of the day included desk work too. I had sciatic pain and the loss of muscle mass caused horrible upper back pain in my shoulders especially. I used to use my upper body for hours every day lifting and moving. When I cut that all out by changing jobs, I lost those muscles, gained some weight and that is when the pain stopped by for a long and unrelenting visit.

It was mildly uncomfortable at first, then it got worse. Now it is gone. I got immediate relief followed by a long term solution to what was the source of the pain. I have regained lost muscle, and I have lost the extra pounds of fat. I feel so much better now, and I do not need to take the daily painkillers just to get through the work days. I am very glad of that due to the potential side effects of any drugs.