I Can Play Racquetball Again

I did not know a lot about chiropractic care before I started looking at different chiropractors in Huntington NY. Truth be told, I didn’t know anything at all about them. I had never been to see one before, and I had no idea what the general course of treatment even was. When my racquetball partner suggested that I see one after calling off three games in a row because of my back, I figured he may have a valid point. He suggested that I see his, but it was just too far away, which is why I started looking for one in my own neck of the woods.

That is how I found Waterfront Chiropractic, and it has made such a huge difference in my life. During my initial consultation, I explained to the chiropractor that I did not hurt myself, I was not involved in any accidents, and I did not have a disease that causes pain. This pain just came from nowhere, and it was irritating because I live quite an active lifestyle. The only thing I could think is that maybe I twisted it a bit and didn’t even realize it at the time.

The chiropractor was very nice about all of it. He did an exam and took some X-rays just so he could determine what the problem was. He then explained that pain can happen like this without any hint that it is about to come. It does not happen overnight, and the treatment cannot be fixed in just one session either. He explained about the wear and tear on a person’s body, and how it would be even more so with me because of my activity levels. I had my first adjustment that day, and my second one just a few days later. I was back to playing racquetball within two weeks, and I have never felt better than I do right now.