Getting Help with Healing My Back After an Injury

Just saying I had a backache was like saying the “Mother of All Bombs” the military dropped was a firecracker. My back hurt! I slipped and fell and the impact did not cause any breaks, but it did something to my back that created a host of pains I would experience. My back would hurt really bad just reaching to put my socks on. I could not bend my leg and back correctly to even put my socks and shoes on without having pain. A San Francisco chiropractor agreed to treat me after checking with my medical doctor. Since a fall was involved, it was necessary for me to be checked for potential fractures. The imaging said nothing was broken, but there were areas where a couple of discs could have sustained damage and be putting pressure on the nerves.

My doctor told me I was probably looking at needing surgery, but it was important to see if it would heal on its own. I never had any surgeries, and I did not want to start now. My personal opinion is that there are probably a lot of back injuries that do resolve or become tolerable or manageable on their own. I think my recovery was greatly hastened and helped by chiropractic therapy. I have friends who have had similar situations with a fall injury that are still messed up years later. I was pretty much as good as new with just a few weeks of chiropractic therapy. I did not need to have surgery, and that was the main thing that concerned me the most.

I went through the therapy my San Francisco chiropractor recommended, and I got better a lot faster than anyone else I knew who had been through a similar situation. I have no residual pain or stiffness. My friend hurt his back years ago, and he cannot even climb stairs first thing in the morning. It hurts his back too much. I do not have a problem with anything now.