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Get Over With Health and Medical Costs


Stress is expensive. It is one of the biggest high blood pressure causes, so you have to take medication to control that. Stress can give you an anxiety panic attack, so you might have prescription or counseling costs for that. Stress can make you weaker after surgery, leading to longer recovery time, leading to longer hospital stays, leading to higher medical bills.

If you have any stress-related health problems, you should take a hard look at whether you need a new or better stress management system. Because the bad health effects of stress come about because you aren’t handling stress properly. They are the result of not getting rid of the stress.

Here are 5 tips to getting rid of stress

  1. On developing and strengthening your inner self. For some people, this is a spiritual journey. For others, it is focusing on the will and self-discipline. Whatever path you elect, improving your inner ability to stand up to outer stress is a major weapon.
  2. Able to coach yourself through stressful situations. Having a coach means having someone to point out bad technique or poorly executed movements. Imagine someone doing that for you in how you handle stress. Now, imagine that you are that person for yourself.
  3. Start getting fit and healthy. Stress breaks down your body. Much like the colorado river wore down the earth and formed the grand canyon, stress not handled will wear down your body and your emotions. By being fit and healthy, your body can stand up to stress longer.
  4. To focus and meditate. Developing focus will help you stay on task with the stress and eliminate without getting distracted. Learning to mediate will help keep you calm while you are attacking the stress.
  5. To regulate your internal energy. Your energy will ebb and flow during the day. So you will have more or less energy to attack stress. By learning techniques to pull your internal energy on demand, you won’t get caught by stress in a moment of weakness.

Very few people add up how much stress costs them in medical costs. If you seriously look at what you are spending on medicine, and how much of that can be eliminated by using proper stress techniques, you will be stunned. And include drinking and smoking in your tally, too.

Stress management systems are usually built around one or two techniques. And most of them focus on your internal reaction to stress, rather than on externally attacking the stressor. By eliminating the stressor, and turning off the stress, you can save lots of money on medicines. And put some life back in your life.